Do you dream of a place where you can stay for longer than just a short holiday? The Momenty cottages are the perfect place for a long-term stay. They are equipped in such a way that you will not lack anything and the nearby surroundings such as most beautiful beach in Poland, the surrounding forests and bike trails will not let you get bored! Take care of your #MomentForRelax

Zobacz nad czym u nas pracowano #MomentForLongerStay

Chcesz pracować w otoczeniu pięknej przyrody, w ciszy i spokoju? Skontaktuj się z nami!

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Stay for a longer moment – enjoy the benefits of our cosy spa area, take advantage of the nearby activities. Settle down for a while in a comfortable cottage surrounded by forest.

Discounts do not apply during the holiday season.

A moment to relax

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and settle down
in a comfortable cottage surrounded by woods. Sit by the fireplace with a mug of freshly ground coffee, enjoy the peace and quiet around you!

A moment to relax

Change your surroundings and enjoy a longer holiday by the sea! Admire spectacular sunsets, walk through the pine forest, feel the white sand under your feet and enjoy the many nearby attractions.

Feel at home

Stay in one of our 6 atmospheric cottages. During the day enjoy the benefits of our brine graduation tower and sauna, in the afternoon stroll through the forest and along the white beach, and in the evening sit comfortably with a book by the fireplace.

Especially for you

See why staying at Domki Momenty for longer is a pleasure

SPA zone

Enjoy all the benefits of our intimate SPA zone. Regenerate your body during sessions in the sauna and enjoy the rich inhalation of respiratory tracts in our brine graduation tower.


We have taken care to provide you with an internet connection.

Inspiring surroundings

You look out of the window and see a river and a forest.

Spacious interior

A comfortable cottage of 80m2 is a wonderful oasis where you can hide away for a while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Comfortable all year round

Momenty cottages are beautiful in every season! In the summer the sun and the beach, and in winter a warm blanket, a comfortable armchair and a fireplace.

Cottage customisation

On special request, for long term rentals, we can customize the cottage to your preferences!

Let yourself
relax for a moment

When you are inside, you see the forest. Only silence surrounds you. The cottage has everything you need. Time passes more slowly with us and every moment seems to be exactly what you are looking for.

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