About us

Domki Momenty is a complex of luxurious and cosy holiday cottages situated in the surroundings of the forest, by the river and near the most beautiful beach in Poland.

Who are we?

Karolina and Artur, Magda and Mateusz. We met during our honeymoon in Zanzibar. A while later we had New Year’s Eve together, a May holiday and an extraordinary three weeks in the United States. It turned out that we have a lot in common, especially our love for travelling. Our accidental trip to a beach in Słajszewo brought back memories of Zanzibar sand – soft as silk, white as snow. Wide beaches, with a very few people on them, the sound of the sea, not the bustle of the city. We fell in love with this place! Then everything went very quickly. We found plots of land in the buffer zone of the forest, which fitted our concept perfectly. Surrounded by nature, by the river, close to the beach. Imaginations of a lazy afternoon with freshly ground coffee on the terrace overlooking the forest became reality.

Domki Momenty is the fruit of joint work, vision and experience. We have created the place we dreamed of – an enclave of peace and quiet, fully harmonising with the “slow life” idea that guides us. Here, time passes more slowly and every moment is unique.

We create moments

What kind of place do we create?

Cottages are the fulfilment of our dreams of a perfectly designed space, where modern design intertwines with respect for the surrounding nature. The blackness of the wood perfectly blends in with the forest atmosphere, and the dominant glazing allows for even closer contact with nature. The design of warm, illuminated interiors and the natural tones used in them reflect the tranquillity of the surroundings. We have arranged the surrounding space so that you feel maximum privacy.

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The beginning of a beautiful adventure 🙂

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